Lessons Learned from CaPROMISE Youth and their Families

The goal of CaPROMISE is to increase the self-sufficiency of transition-age youth receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and their families. Throughout the implementation of CaPROMISE, a question that keeps emerging is “why is this attainment of self-sufficiency and independence so difficult?”  Furthermore, have our expectations and systems become so categorical and complex and at times contradictory, that we have lost sight of the expectations and complex needs of the youth with disabilities and their families?

This report seeks to answer these questions from the lens of system and culture change. Lessons learned from CaPROMISE are described and provide the framework for continued system and culture changes for the benefit of youth with disabilities and their families.  Drawing on these lessons, six recommended actions are presented that serve as foundational efforts to change the cultural norms; increase the chances of sustainability and scalability; and influence current and future transition public policies.


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